Our Brand

The 3 key elements of our identity

Essential-s !!

Essential : We work only for and with essential ideas, events and projects that can change the world. We reveal and spark the essential.

Essential-s : Ideas, events, projects, funding and people are all essential... There are many essential-s to make the world better.

!! : It is urgent and important to act ! Besides, our founder's personal trademark on social media has always been the ‼️ emoji, which he loves...

The World

Obvious isn’t it. 

We live on a planet, with people, that we care for and that we want to help, protect, clean, feed, cure, include, educate, support... especially the billions in need and underprivileged.

At Essential-s we do our best for the common good of the whole World, as excessive or overweening as it may sound, starting 'hic et nunc', here and now.

Orange Color

The orange fruit is amazingly full of vitamins, and our founders lived in and loved the Netherlands, the orange nation.

More importantly, the orange color is all about the unconventional, serenity, joy, extroverts, warmth, fire and energy, but also wisdom.

Orange is considered provocative and stimulating — that’s what we do at Essential-s !