About Us


is a non-profit organization founded in October 2017 in Paris.

We organize and support inspiring events and impactful projects that contribute to advance the common good and make the world better.

We believe that ideas are the essence to create such inspiring events and impactful projects. These ideas are essential. And it is essential to spark these ideas too. That's what we do at Essential-s !!

We sponsor and inspire ideas, people and projects in several fields including: social initiatives, education, climate action, environment protection, corporate social responsibility, poverty eradication, diversity and inclusion, social justice, medical research etc.

We were initially a family-founded initiative, with a philanthropic purpose and societal engagement, with the concrete dream to make the world a better place.

" We founded Essential-s in 2017 with my wife Cecile and our 4 children , because it's essential to give back and to share what we are fortunate and grateful to have, whatever it may be, money, time, ideas... All are essential to help advance the common good and make the world better.  We hope to mobilize a lot of people behind Essential-s, and get support from many of you ! "

Jean-Marc Liduena