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Our purpose and mission

We organize and support inspiring events and impactful projects that contribute to advance the common good and make the world better‼️

Founded in Paris, October 2017 


Special call against Covid !!

The entire society is entering a major economic and social crisis, of unprecedented magnitude. Essential-s is joining forces for good to minimize this catastrophic impact in France in particular. We are launching a special campaign to raise € 500.000 to increase our support to selected projects and initiatives (see the page showing sample Projects).

Covid crisis impact in France — outlook
(as of 23 December 2020)
  • 2.500.000 infected 
  • 61.000 deaths
  • 3.000 patients in intensive care
  • 160.000 homeless in real danger
  • Severe economic decline ~ minus 11%
  • Uncertain end-date for lockdown
  • Population weariness
  • ...